mandag 5. januar 2015

Thank YOU, enjoy the January discounts and promos!

So, we have started 2015 in great style: with your support and marvelous positive energy! That’s why TB would like to thank you a thousand times, for sticking together – hopefully until the end!

Tragic Books started its adventure in May 2014 when it first published an e-book edition for The Night of Elisa, since then it published other 7 editions of this title + 5 editions of “No Escapes Vol. 1 – Beauty and Melancholy inNorwegian Landscapes”, both in global distribution now.

For 2015 there is a lot of cool stuff coming: “A Cold-Hearted Phoenix” illustrated miniseries in 3 episodes will knock your socks off in printed and electronic editions. “No Escapes Vol. 2” will bring about even more beautiful and unique photography showcasing different parts of Norway’s unique nature. Stay tuned for more info and promotions!

Also, for this January, TB is collecting info on webshops with promotions or discounts worldwide. If you wish to buy TheNight of Elisa and haven’t had a chance yet or have been waiting for this kind of opportunity, here is your chance:

10% Off

15% Off

Free Shipping