lørdag 28. februar 2015

7 good reasons to read "The Night of Elisa"

Considering to read the book "The Night of Elisa"? Here are 7 reasons to indulge in this story:

1 – The story is built within a Gothic universe and is influenced by classics such as Dracula and Alice in Wonderland.

2 – The Victorian Era – where/when The Night of Elisa takes place was a time for innovation and experimentation.  The writing of the book resembles that spirit; it experiments with a bit of prose, cinema and comic books.

3 – It has a beautiful cover…

4 – It has alluring pencil sketches and ornaments…

5 – The Night of Elisa is a collector’s book.

6 – Innocent on the surface, dark and twisted on a deeper level. The book hides obscure nuances between the lines.

7 – It has death, blood, pain and love.

Don’t wait until the Afterlife to dive into your new Dark Read!