torsdag 26. mars 2015

Unspoken Connections

Yesterday I stumbled upon a post/snapshot on the web that got my attention. I’m hiding the info and name to preserve the person’s identity.

When I saw that, I had two reactions:

1) I felt I utterly happy and speechless someone has invested her money and time on a work of mine. A thing I never want to take for granted.
Happiness. Amazement.  

2) I felt a terribly afraid that there is the possibility that person won’t like the book after reading it.
Fear. Uncertainty.

But, above all things, there was an unspoken connection between that reader and me: another snapshot on that print screen. She has a book of GOYA, by Taschen books, which has the same cover as MY book of GOYA, by Abril publishing.

Words are unnecessary at this point.