onsdag 6. mai 2015

A Cold-Hearted Music

A Cold-Hearted Phoenix has now entered Global Distribution, and is starting to appear on the bookshops! YAY :D  It is available in both paperback & hardcover.

For those fans of Dark Wave, Heavy/Symphonic/Gothic Metal and the like \m/, here is a selection of video clips of the music mentioned on Episode 1: Dark Love (A Cold-Hearted Phoenix 1):

Classics / from the scenes on the Gothic Rave and Madame Satan club:

>> Killing Moon - Echo & the Bunnymen

>> Butterfly on a Wheel - The Mission 

>> Friday I’m in Love - The Cure

>> Butterfly FX – Moonspell (from the opening scene at the Gothic Rave)

Some of the stuff that VIKKI listens when she is at home:

>> Alleine Zu Zweit (live version) - Lacimosa

>> To Mega Therion (Live) - Therion

>> I Won't Tell You - Lacuna Coil