torsdag 17. desember 2015

The Night of Elisa - ILLUSTRATED POCKET out now!

The Night of Elisa - an illustrated Gothic Novel / long Novella is now available in an exciting format: pocket book!

Now you can carry it around on your purse, backpack or jacket - as a real paperback book! It has most illustrations of the 6x9 edition, in a simpler, more compact layout, totally portable.

The Night of Elisa is the kind of book you can gift yourself with, or give to someone special, any time of the year. Its story combine surreal, dark elements with romance in the boundaries between life and death.

* * * 
Pocket Book available at Amazon network and coming to other retailers worldwide, such as FACTUM BOOKS in Danmark.

Watch the book trailer here
- remember to turn off the light and have the volume up!: