søndag 8. mai 2016

Valencia Noir - Tragic Books new release coming end of May!

Stay tuned this month, because "Valencia Noir -  The Beautiful, The Fantastic and The Grotesque of Valencia, Spain" is coming by the end of this month - as Paperback, Hardcover, EPub and Kindle editions!


City of bats, dragons and gods. City of artistic daring over the centuries of history.

This is Valencia, a Spanish realm where all fantasies, be they innocent, adventurous or obscure, take shape on canvas, wood, metal or stone. Wherever you go a thousand archetypal faces and winged heraldic chimeras will follow you.

You will have a fully illustrated bookish tour through Medieval towers, Gothic temples, strange artistic wonderlands and the city of the dead.

Embark on a trip which will take you to distant places and make you indulge in the feelings and thoughts you’ve been trying to hide.
* * * 

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Learn more about Valencia Noir - Check its official page @ TragicBooks.com

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