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Leonhard's TOP PICKS from Scarlet Burn, UK alternative shop

LEONHARD is the lead male character @ The Night of Elisa - Illustrated Gothic Novel, which takes place during the Victorian Era. He is a painter and has existed for long centuries of darkness and solitude, until the time of the the story, when he sees himself among true, loyal friends. He is a man of traditions and his lifestyle has always been rooted on the dark side of existence.

Scarlet Burn, UK Alternative Shop and I have asked him: 

Leonhard, if you were a modern-day Goth, which would be your top picks from the shop and why?
And here is what we got:

I'd certainly wear this Chaos necklace instead of my ascots and scarves, trading therefore the elegant for the... - this that you so call "casual"?

Chaos is the essence burning at the underground of my mind, hiding beneath it's compartmentalization  and preoccupations with perfection and control.
I'd have one of these door knockers, to let those who come at my door know how much I welcome them. Oh! I cherish this design! It reminds me of certain places I have been a long, long time ago.

Beauty in all its shapes and nuances should be the feast of my soul. This slightly puzzling calendar would help me to register the days of earthly time - a concept which I have trouble understanding - and nonetheless, should keep me entertained with this delightful female figure.

(Scoffs.) I just hope my dearest Elisa will not grow jealousy upon hearing these words...
I know myself just too well. I been provided of great amounts of time for doing analysis of the self and reflections upon my actions and impulses. I have these obsessions which come in waves and I am most certain, that I would have to live there - where you are - in the material world, my newest obsession would have been Death itself.

And that's why the rest of this list will gravitate around it. I cannot already think of something else... And thus, I indulged in this incense burner.
Books! One cannot live (ironic use of words) without them! Those magnificent bookends would be essential on my shelves. Specially one on each end of my 1700s Shakespearian collection, as if a transgression from Hamlet itself.

What can be more frightening and at the same time more beautiful than what lies beneath the surface? The pillars of man's material essence are sculpted in bones and that art of the finest is only revealed when life has fled the vessel.

This Atrocity Lamp is mostly, illuminating, shall I say the least.

Leonhard: I am most grateful and amused of having such an opportunity to wander my mind on the things of the living! I indulged in this playful activity, but now I must return to my realm. The duties of Duskland are calling for me.

Isis Sousa & Scarlet Burn: You are most welcome! And it was fun having you participating on this post!
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You can find these awesome items and much more at Scarlet Burn. And you know something really cool? Each time you purchase something from this UK shop, you earn reward points, which you can spend later on!


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