fredag 9. september 2016

Building Henrique – clues on the lead character of As Cold As Thorns, my upcoming Gothic novel

As Cold As Thorns now has a release date scheduled: 28th November, the Cyber Monday! Hurra! And I’d like to share some “teaser clues” about the lead character, Henrique.

What I can disclose with you right now is that: he is secretive, he is mysterious, he is ingenious, he is brilliant and he is an artist.

He is both “the love or hate” AND “love and hate” kind of character, with a well balanced male+female personality. (I said personality, his sexual orientation is straight.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are some famous characters which could represent different shades of my dear, beloved Henrique:

Willy Wonka

Alice & The Mad Hatter

The Evil Queen

Ichabod Crane 


Dorian Gray

If you enjoy characters who are on the dark side and are eccentric by nature, I welcome you to read this tale.

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